Universtiy Of Phoenix - Travis Muldowny

Barnegat Township, New Jersey 1 comment

Travis Signed me up to this University of Phoenix.He nver told me about the hidden fees.

He wanted me to pay $ 100 for micro soft office! Than told me their was all kind of viruses in my computer. Which I already have virus protection in my computer by Norton. Told I been doing a good job.

Him and Dina said I had to take the class over again because I don't have micro soft office sand I have all kinds of virusse in my computer. I already have micro soft office 2007. I'm on SSI. Than After I after I quit.

Travis reports to face book I befriended a person a I did'nt know.

I befriended some people I didn't know on face book.This school and person should be investigated

Review about: Micro Soft Office.




I'm sorry that you are upset. Please understand that students are required to own or have access to certain technology in order to be successful in class.

If you have a dispute with the University for which you would like to file a formal grievance, please contact me at libby.bailey@phoenix.edu.

- Libby Bailey, Dispute Operations Manager

University of Phoenix

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